About Onethree Visuals


Onethree Visuals is an independent audiovisual production company with experience in producing audiovisual and photography for national and international clients. Our mission is for you to have access to this important sales tool and the guarantee that the final product you will obtain will be of first quality.

We provide services to improve the image of your project. We devote time and passion to creativity, mixes of cinematographic techniques, animations and a fresh, youthful and modern style to achieve your desired impact.

With the post-production and final editing of the photography and video session in the hands of a professional, we guarantee the quality and the best results. The commercial strategy of sales promotion of a product starts distinguished image, in order to attain  a strategy that is effective, attractive and generates the expected results.

A thought out/sophisticated visual image can make the difference when presenting a Project to your client. Onethree Visuals is part of  a generation that is changing the way we see things.


About Daniela

Hi, i am Daniela Guillen, from Costa Rica, and I am a photographer specialized in audiovisual production and digital animation.  
Since I was a child I knew that when I grew older, I was going to be able to achieve many goals.
Art and photography have changed my life ever since my parents gave me the first drawings book as a present.  Art runs in my veins and I would not change that gift, for anything else in the world. After I graduated from high school, my goal was to study a professional career related to art.  As part of that process, I got admitted to the School of Arts of the University of Costa Rica, but it was at the last minute, when I was about to start the school year at the UCR, that I found the career of Digital Animation at Veritas University.  Veritas is among the 100 best Digital Animation schools in the world, and the only digital animation school in the Central American region.  My professional career turned Visual Arts, into my passion. I have always had the courage to pursue my dreams, and make them come true.  

I like to travel, learn different languages and cultures, learn about feminism and human rights. I am interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and delivering 100% to my work. I am available to work remotely and thanks to this I have learned much more about myself, about how to improve my work and the different ways of doing business worldwide.

For this reason, I do my job with sincere dedication, with a smile on my face, with my soul and the support and  love of those that surround me.  I work with the best software and tools available in the industry, so that my clients are completely satisfied.  I walk the extra mile for my clients, making sure their needs are accomplished and they are happy with my job.  I am always finding new ways and updates in art and technologies for doing a better work.  If you are looking for a real professional, contact me.  I will be happy to serve your needs.

 “Through him all things were made’’
-John 1:3-””